Will U.S. meat consumption decline by 10%+ by 2040?

Does not include meat substitutes or cell-cultured meat. A positive resolution requires 3+ articles from reputable news organizations that suggest that meat consumption has gone down by 10% or more between any period post-2022 to market close.

I will not be proactively searching for such articles. I will need to come across them organically or they can be commented on this market or sent to me via Twitter DM.

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FWIW according to USDA "per capita meat disappearance" is still rising. There's very good data on this so I'm hoping this market won't resolve on fluff news articles if they contradict USDA data. https://www.ers.usda.gov/data-products/livestock-and-meat-domestic-data/livestock-and-meat-domestic-data/#All%20Meat%20Statistics

Total or per capita?

@JimHays Per capita