Will I misresolve a market by end of 2023?
closes 2024

Resolves positively if 5 or more users claim, in good faith, that I have mis-resolved a market. If the good faith of the accusations is in question, I will defer to @IsaacKing on whether they are accusing in good faith or not.

Update 2023-04-28: As stated in comments, I will not buy yes shares.

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LukeHanks avatar
Luke Hanks

@CarsonGale Do you promise not to buy YES?

CarsonGale avatar
Carson Gale
NickAllen avatar
Nick Allen

@LukeHanks I believe him, he seems trustworthyish.

IsaacKing avatar

I won't bet here to avoid conflicts of interest.

IsaacKing avatar

@IsaacKing (But I think this should be lower.)

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