Will a self-driving taxi service be cheaper than an Uber ride (with a driver) to the same location on 12/31/24

Oct 13, 8:21pm: In SF on a ride of my choosing.

Oct 13, 11:00pm: To be more accurate I will look at 5 potential trips in SF and take the median of the results.

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Recently, it's depended a lot on the time for me: waymos have been cheaper at around noon, and more expensive at most other hours

@AndrewG I hadn't realized it was ever price competitive yet - that is good to hear!

The future market for self-driving taxis depends greatly on the public attitude towards it as there is still a big room for improving vehicle technology and safety regulations. Based on the latest news and developments in the field of autonomous vehicles, we can see there is a speed increase in market penetration of self-driving taxis with a market size of $158.31 billion in 2023 and a prediction of $2353.93 billion by 2032. This will greatly result in reduced congestion once it passes a certain threshold at some point in 2024, which will definitely bring down the cost of self-driving taxis due to greater energy efficiency and no labor costs.


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