Will there be a first illegal immigrant, police shooting of a US citizen by the end of 2024?

LAPD working to allow non-citizen DACA recipients turned officers ability to carry firearm full-time! 🤯😡😡🤡🌎

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yeah i trust you to resolve this market

@pyrylium what needs to be resolved? It’s not the end of 2024 bud.! has there already been a noncitizen officer that shot a US citizen?

@CaptainHowdy Yes. Last week my innocent and waifish cousin Phoebe-Anne (a White, sixth-generation American of pure-blooded Anglo-Saxon and Scandinavian descent) was viciously maimed by a brutish, brown-skinned, pigdog thug -- an LAPD officer, a violent enforcer of that fascistic order of the ruling communist government of Los Angeles. I don't know his name but it was probably Carlos. Please keep my pure and virginal cousin in your White Christian prayers.

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