Who will be a member of the next Cabinet of the United States
Kamala Harris
Merrick Garland
Pete Buttigieg
Vivek Ramaswamy
Nikki Haley
Stephen Miller
Ron DeSantis


  • a member of the next Cabinet of the United States means a cabinet member who

    • takes office after being appointed or nominated by the winner of the 2024 US Presidential Election, they must swear in or assume office before May 1, 2025,

    • continues their pre-election role in the cabinet as of noon on January 27, 2025 without anyone nominated to replace them, or

    • swears in as the vice president after the 2024 US Presidential Election before May 1, 2025.

    Unconfirmed acting heads of the executive departments do not count.

  • Cabinet of the United States means the vice president, the heads of the executive departments, and other Cabinet-level officials. It currently includes:

    • Vice President

    • Attorney General

    • Secretary of State

    • Secretary of the Treasury

    • Secretary of Defense

    • Secretary of the Interior

    • Secretary of Agriculture

    • Secretary of Commerce

    • Secretary of Labor

    • Secretary of Health and Human Services

    • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    • Secretary of Transportation

    • Secretary of Energy

    • Secretary of Education

    • Secretary of Veterans Affairs

    • Secretary of Homeland Security

    • Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

    • Director of the Office of Management and Budget

    • Director of National Intelligence

    • Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

    • Trade Representative

    • Ambassador to the United Nations

    • Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers

    • Administrator of the Small Business Administration

    • Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy

    • White House Chief of Staff

If a position elevated to Cabinet-rank, or a new department is created before May 1, 2025 then it will be included.

All times in DC time.

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Would NASA administrator count? They're nominated by the president and confirmed by the senate, but I'm not sure if it's really classed as a full on cabinet position


The president may designate additional positions to be members of the Cabinet, which can vary under each president.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_of_the_United_States

NASA administrator has never been a cabinet position as far as I can tell from this Wikipedia page

At an event in Atkinson on Tuesday, Vivek Ramaswamy made an impassioned defense of Mr. Trump — less than a day after ending his own White House bid, most of which he spent glorifying the former president.

When the crowd chanted “V.P! V.P!” for Mr. Ramaswamy, an Ohio entrepreneur, Mr. Trump returned the approval.

Mr. Ramaswamy, the former president said, is “going to be working with us for a long time.”


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