Does gpt-3.5-turbo have <25B parameters?

"So one thing that had really bothered me was that recent Arxiv paper claiming that despite GPT 3 being 175B, and GPT 4 being around 1.7T, somehow 3.5 Turbo was 20b.

This had been on my mind for the past couple of days because it just made no sense to me, so this evening I went to go check out the paper again, and noticed that I could not download the PDF or postscript. Then I saw this update comment on the Arxiv page, added yesterday:

Contains inappropriately sourced conjecture of OpenAI's ChatGPT parameter count from this http URL, a citation which was omitted. The authors do not have direct knowledge or verification of this information, and relied solely on this article, which may lead to public confusion

That link leads to a February Forbes article, from before GPT 3.5 Turbo or 4 even released, that claims that ChatGPT in general is 20b parameters.

It seems like the chatbot application was one of the most popular ones, so ChatGPT came out first. ChatGPT is not just smaller (20 billion vs. 175 billion parameters) and therefore faster than GPT-3, but it is also more accurate than GPT-3 when solving conversational tasks—a perfect business case for a lower cost/better quality AI product."


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