Will more professional devs use Rust than C++ in the 2030 StackOverflow developer survey?
Google Contributes $1M to Rust Foundation to Support C++/Rust “Interop Initiative”
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Google ❤️Rust Foundation

In 2023, rust was used by 12% of professional developers and C++ was used by 20%.

This question resolves YES if the 2030 stack overflow Dev survey reports that more professionals use Rust than use C++

It resolves NO if they're equal or if C++ is greater.

It resolves N/A if StackOverflow does not publish a Dev survey for 2030.


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I think this may get a bit weird if people are using AI to write rust code without really understanding it, claiming that they're "rust developers"

@RemNi this is a fair point. Not sure how to negate it though. Technically this is possible for both C++ and rust, although I think it's naive to imagine it would affect both languages equally. Unless there's a clear way to determine if the human is writing and understanding the code I'm going to keep the phrasing the same. It's possible that SO will rephrase the question to reflect this worry on their own

predicts NO


Google Contributes $1M to Rust Foundation to Support C++/Rust “Interop Initiative”

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