Republican party trifecta in 2024
Dec 31

Resolves YES if Republicans control the Presidency and both the Senate and House of Representatives after the 2024 elections.

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  • Trump is probably going to win.

  • The most likely outcome for the Senate is a 50-50 split, in which case the tie will go to the Republicans.

  • I haven't analyzed it in as much detail, but I expect the Republicans to hold on to a slight majority in the House. Given Biden's favorability numbers, having him on the ballot is going to hurt the Democrats in most of the other races.

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We're multiplying three probabilities there, which to be fair probably aren't completely independent of each other, but nonetheless.

If you assign Trump a win probability of 70% which is much higher than what that market is at right now, R Senate 70%, and R house 70%, you should assume a trifecta to happen around 34.3% of the time. The fact that this market is being bet up almost as high as "Trump wins presidency" market is a little ridiculous

House: -> 30%

Senate: -> 85%

Presidency: -> 45%

So the naive probability is probability is 10%. However, they're definitely correlated with each other, and the outcome where the House goes Republican and a Democrat wins the Presidency seems quite unlikely.

Now, looking at the same markets:

House: 44%

Senate: 73%

Presidency: 47%

Naive probability is now 15%, but again they're still very correlated