Will Logan Paul call off his engagement with his fiancé Nina Agdal by end of 2024?
Dec 31

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Logan Paul, the social media star, is all over the news after he announced his engagement with Nina in July 2023. Logan has currently 26.8M followers on Instagram and his net worth has increased 28.5% from $35M in 2022 to $45M in 2023, with increase his engagement rate on Instagram to 2.3%. This helped him bag more endorsements than past year. Increased popularity is helping Logan make more money. Probably in relationship there are other factors as well (which are not being considered here), studying the monetary statistics we can assume that Logan won’t call off his engagement with Nina.






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If someone has a bunch of their time to spend reading trashy gossip mags or Wikipedia, I'd love to see the base rates on highly-marketed celebrity breakups

@AgenticLondoner I've seen base rates for celebrity divorces - they are surprisingly low (although significantly above population)

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