Will Trump be charged by the DA in Fulton County Georgia for his attempts to overturn election in Georgia?
resolved Aug 15

Resolves YES if Trump is charged with a felony by the grand jury.

Aug 3, 5:41pm: Will Trump be charged by the grand jury in Georgia for his attempts to overturn election in Georgia? → Will Trump be charged by the DA in Fulton County Georgia for his attempts to overturn election in Georgia?

Close date updated to 2025-12-31 11:59 pm

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I miss you @Gigacasting

predicted YES

@BTE was Isaac giga? they disappeared around the same time

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@Stralor No. I never figured it out. I heard it might be Gwern, whoever that is.

predicted YES

Just contrats to Briant T. Edwards for the prediction! He called this super far out.

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@Fedor Thank you!!! This market is one of my first and I truly enjoyed the banter and volatility!! I appreciate you all!!

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i haven’t heard anything one way or the other because i live under a rock but i bet 10 mana on God I Fucking Hope So

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@angeluspolitian It’s happening first week in August. They have cleared the docket for those two weeks at the DAs request due to “high profile case”.

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@BTE It’s pretty wild that if something happens to Trump before he is charged you will lose 100k mana. It’s a pretty big wager.

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@Dustin Like Trump dies? I would happily wipe my account @IsaacKing style if you promise me Trump will be dead by the end of the month. I would give more than that actually.

@Dustin @BTE is super intelligent, clearly they have that priced in with those odds. Don't you worry!

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@Dustin This is not the first time I have had $100k riding on this happening. This bet is gonna pay off two more times at least. Every day the evidence mounts. How much do you lose if I am right??

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@BTE Currently 3997, and I will gladly spend it to see him charged

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@Dustin Your comment got to my head. I have started trimming my single market risk.

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@BTE Risk management is definitely the name of the game. I may need to do some more of it myself. Good thing I trust the market creator 😉

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Trump's fate in Georgia is unclear,
But justice must be severe.
His attempts to overturn the election,
May lead to his legal rejection.

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@Mason I don't understand why you are betting so aggressively? Willis has all but acknowledged this is happening in July.

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@Mason sorry wrong person lol

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@Dustin LMFAO. You think this pathetic threat is going to get the prosecutor, who doesn't actually make these choices a grand jury does, is going to be intimidated?!? Come on man. How many of the Senators voting on this are targets of the investigation?!? Half a dozen at least. You are funny. Please bet more on NO because of this news!!!! Thank you!!!

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@Dustin why are you giving me so much easy mana? Willis has all but acknowledged this is happening.

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