If Donald Trump is charged with a federal crime, will he make a deal?

Resolves YES if Donald Trump is charged with a FEDERAL crime and strikes a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid going to trial. Resolves NO if he is charged and he fights the case all the way until a verdict is read.

Aug 22, 4:47pm:

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The "If Donald Trump is charged with a federal crime" part is settled now, right?

What means

the man wrote the book on deals!

Market question is a bit misleading again, as this isn't a conditional per market description.

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@MartinRandall Your correct. My bad. I am trying to be very precise and this time it was too much! Thanks!

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@BTE So it's a conditional for sure - N/A if he is not charged, YES/NO if he is (depending on following events)?

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@MattP Well the charges may come simultaneously to the deal. By that I mean charges may be negotiated as part of the the deal, in which case I it would be YES. Make sense?

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@BTE Sure - but if there are no charges at all, does it resolve N/A or NO?

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