Will China launch an attack on Taiwan in 2024?

Tensions between China and Taiwan have been a longstanding issue. Recently, there has been increased military activity and political rhetoric that has heightened concerns about the possibility of China taking military action against Taiwan. This poll seeks to gauge public opinion on whether people believe China will attack Taiwan in the year 2024.

Criteria for What is Considered an Attack:

  • Military Invasion: Deployment of Chinese military forces to Taiwanese territory with the intent of taking control.

  • Airstrikes or Bombardments: Significant and sustained aerial or artillery attacks on Taiwanese military or civilian targets.

  • Naval Blockade: Implementation of a blockade to cut off Taiwan from international waters and trade routes, accompanied by military engagement.

  • Occupation: Chinese military forces establishing control over parts of Taiwanese territory through force.

  • Cyber Attacks with Physical Consequences: Large-scale cyber attacks that cause physical damage to critical infrastructure, leading to widespread disruption and necessitating a military response.

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