What % of Twitter respondents will think we should build polls into Manifold?
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Aka what % of people will choose "Yeah ofc" in this twitter poll:

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Matt P

Dude, why are you asking Twitter? Twitter is where people go to be stupid. Ask Manifold.

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Daniel Reeves

Manifold polls sounds like a potential eggbasket violation. https://blog.beeminder.com/eggbasket/

(Non-serious aside: getting opinions on this via a poll reminds me of a comic I can't find where someone is showing a powerpoint slide with a bar graph of responses to a survey about answering surveys. "I diligently respond to surveys" vs "I throw away surveys without looking at them". The person pointing to the slide is saying "it turns out our customers LOVE answering surveys!". See also https://xkcd.com/2618/)

akhil avatar
Akhil Wable

Yes please. Couple them with a 'What will be the outcome of this poll' market to make it more Manifoldish (Would mean hiding the poll result till the poll outcome prediction market closes)

akhil avatar
Akhil Wable

@akhil I'd also predict a sizeable jump in user engagement if/when this launches

Austin avatar
Austinpredicted YES

Advantages of building out Manifold-native polls:

  • Less frictionful

  • Could set up secret votes so the predicting is more meaningful

  • Could do more interesting kinds of votes (approval votes, ranked choice, 5-star, etc)

  • Ties each respondent to a Manifold account


  • Takes time to implement this...

  • Running Twitter polls has more virality potential?

SneakySly avatar

@Austin I suspect virality is not a real disadvantage because the chance of the official manifold account making a viral poll are very very small.

Conversely, anyone making a manifold poll that would have been a twitter poll otherwise is potentially bringing people they show the poll to directly to your site.

Austin avatar
Austinbought Ṁ50 of YES

Inspired by

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N.C. Young