Will Petr Pavel win the 2023 Czech presidential election?

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crystal ballpredicted YES at 97%

Created a new market for the 2028 Czech presidential election


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Martin Modrák
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Martin Modráksold Ṁ22 of YES
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Daniel Hnykpredicted YES at 82%

We are at 7.30 for Babiš and 1.08 for Pavel. Doesn't that correspond to 93% for Pavel?

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Daniel Hnykpredicted YES at 85%

@DanielHnyk Not sure how much I should update on this, but it seems that his debate yesterday was almost universally (incl. Babiš's media) considered a fiasco for Babiš (it was indeed trully bizarre) and his tour in bigger cities also isn't going "that well" (e.g. in Brno today).

Odds are already on 1.06 vs. 8.30, implying 87-94% for Pavel.

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Martin Modrákpredicted YES at 71%

Czech bookmaker Tipsport provides as of Jan 15th Pavel with 1.12 betting odds vs. 6.40 for Babiš. This would correspond to ~85% probability of Pavel win. https://m.tipsport.cz/kurzy/spolecenske-sazky/politika/3prima-volba-prezidenta-cr-75501

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