[Daily Streak Ironman] Which candidate would last the longest? [40000 Mana prize]

Join the first Manifold daily login Ironman competition!


  • Stay in the competition by trading on your own answer once a day.

  • Any competitor who fails to place a bet for 36 consecutive hours is eliminated from the game. Bot bets and bets placed with an API do not count.

  • I will occasionally request a required bet amount (1-3 Mana) to prevent competitors from using bot bets. (all candidates will be pinged, so you wont miss the announcement when you place a bet)

The person who manages to stay in the game the longest wins the 30000 Mana prize. The second-place winner receives a 7000 Mana consolation prize, and the third-place winner receives a 3000 Mana consolation prize.

Note: It is totally fine for a candidate to bet 1 mana and then sell the shares immediately, that would count as the daily trade.

Note: The elimination rule remains even if there is an outage on Manifold. Contestants are responsible for figuring out how to bet ASAP after an outage. If Manifold goes on a 36 consecutive hour outage and all contestants are eliminated due to the outage, the contestant with the latest bet are eliminated last therefore wins the game.

The Ironman officially started on Monday Mar 4th, 2024

Edit: total prize pool adjusted to 40000 Mana in response to the pivot devaluing Mana. I cannot foresee all the possible changes to mana to USD conversion rate in the future, in any case the prize will correspond to 40USD of value.

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Given the Great Pivot eliminating managrams, how are you planning to get the winner their winnings? @AmmonLam

@Lorxus We can do a will xxx win the Ironman market and I put up NO limit orders as a way to award thw winning

@AmmonLam I think that might be explicitly banned?

yeah that seems banned, but also my guess is that the staff will make exceptions for situations like this one. not sure but they eg said they would help tumbles out for mana transfers

bought Ṁ1 @jim YES

will the prize pool be 4,000 Mana or 40,000 Mana?

@jim @AmmonLam I’m curious about this too. Will the prize pool shift with the mana valuation shift?

@snazzlePop it will be M40,000 (ammon confirmed on discord)

@Lorxus @jim @JamesF @koadma @snazzlePop

Just us five left. 💪🏽

@snazzlePop We've barely started tbf

bought Ṁ3 @snazzlePop YES

@snazzlePop enjoy paying fees for a few years bros

bought Ṁ1 @snazzlePop YES

@Unown 🪦

See comments in here:

@Unown How did you like my comment if your account is deleted?

sold Ṁ0 @koadma YES

Hmmm, this game will change soon

@koadma why?

@jim because of the transaction fees

EDIT: nvm, it won't, it's not a flat fee, sry for the notifs :/


LOL :3

@Lorxus I don't know what FSP is in this context. I've looked up the server list on https://fsp.sourceforge.net/ for something containing lorxus, but there was none :/ and now I similarly don't know what could FOP mean :/

@koadma what it means is I messed up when I made the message xwx

opened a Ṁ10 @Lorxus YES at 13% order

@Lorxus (fixed now)

@Lorxus lol, i should have deduced that