Which Manifest attendee would I enjoy having a one-night stand with the most?
resolved Sep 27
Eliezer Yudkowsky
Keri Warr
Ian Philips
Pat Scott ( @Stralor )

If I have sex with anyone on this list and really enjoy it, I will resolve the market to that person's name unless they request otherwise. If they want privacy, then it'll be N/A.
If I don't have sex with anyone, will N/A.

PLEASE input a recognizeable name, if you're like "John" i'm gonna throw up my hands and not resolve to John if I do sleep with a John.

If concerned about privacy, feel free to use a private/code contact twitter or email as the name.

I am quite freaky and enjoy sexually terrifying men, ideally ones with experience. I have difficulty enjoying vanilla sex, and even if the man is quite sweet and good and all the ladies love him, if he's vanilla then I don't expect to resolve the market to his name.

For the purposes of this market, I am straight.

If you want more specific, private info for insider trading, you can email not_that_pretty@protonmail.com, my partner, though he's pretty busy in the next few days and might not have time to respond. I request you don't publicly share any details about my sexuality that you learn from him.

If I've had sex with someone before, they don't count. Tho to my knowledge I'm not in danger of having sex with someone I've already had sex with before at Manifest.

also guys jfc i really encourage novel names i havent considered before ok

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If privacy wasn't an issue, I think the ideal structure for this would be a binary "will I enjoy" market for each potential candidate, which you resolve to % enjoyment if you go for it and N/A otherwise. Allows for selecting multiple people with no weird effects.

@Shelvacu If someone's market is high and Aella chooses to have sex with them, they have an incentive to bet NO and make the sex as bad as possible.

@IsaacKing to any deviant ladies reading this: if we have a play sesh I can be trusted to prioritize the scene going well over making mana (epistemic status: lying).

Manifest attendees confirmed all have L rizz

@dittopoop speak for yourself I just got low conference stamina

@dittopoop The problem is that by the time anyone becomes a viable candidate, everyone else has already bought them up so they don't get much mana from buying themselves and resolving yes.

To solve this problem, next manifest we simply need to make 300 of these free response markets, one for every adult attendee. That should provide enough opportunities for profit to properly incentivize rizz.

@dittopoop we already knew this tho 💀

Am regretfully esolving this N/A; despite a couple of close calls, I ended up solo. Not even fun solo.

I would do this market a bit differently in hindsight; I would make sure to include a N/A option in the list to resolve to, and announce this so that people's mana was put to some use. I also think it would help for me to include some sort of system to help distribute sexual compatibility knowledge, like a public matching form?

anyway ty for coming with me on this wild ride

It was a fun time regardless!

In the future my suggestion for this would be to lower the bar somewhat and have it resolve to the names of everyone you give your phone number to in a non-platonic capacity.

This should still promote the best names to the top of the list, but doesn't make the mana depend on exactly if/when you bang. It is also less embarrassing for the candidates.

@Aella 'tis the danger of specific kinks! but I'm sure you'll get what you're hoping for soon enough; best of luck out there aella. big respect from your fellow fountain lover 😊 (I'm gonna go listen to some Clint Mansell now)

@Aella “ty for coming with me on this wild ride” if I did that it wouldn’t have N/Aed


@Aella there was an N/A option 🤷

@MartinRandall hmm this is showing up blank for me :( what's the tweet?

@jskf thanks!

Ian PhilipsboughtṀ2,000Other YES

This is very interesting.

@ian you dog

Aella might be tweeting from the wrong phone?

@ms I'm insulted by your low opinion of my edginess :P

@ms You should see his locked account.

@DanielFilan It actually had what was IMO a better candidate for an Aella tweet like 2 weeks ago.

Technically the sex does not have to happen at Manifest. If she has sex with anyone who once attended Manifest when she leaves, it would resolve to them.

@Mira is that true? I don't see where the resolution criteria says that. I asked a clarifying question somewhere else in the thread

I think this is true. It could even consider future Manifest attendees if the festival recurs. It's useful for her to keep this open until it can resolve so she always has a list of potentially bangable people. She expressed some interest in keeping it open or resolving to "other" late last night.

@Mira I would consider the closing date as relevant description here.

@Mira I feel like that’s lame - it should be a one-night stand at manifest or it doesn’t count

@marktweise resolve is not close

@Mira (speaking as a gossipy attendee, not as an admin) my impression is that she's leaving the market open for today but not indefinitely

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