Will I bet on your markets?
Nov 16

I may bet on 1 of your markets per 2 no every no better bets on this question, up to 95% of all their active questions not including polls.

If I do, this resolves yes. If I don't, this resolves no. My intention is to do the bets unless a lot of people buy yes for some reason.

If a lot of people end up participating, I will be taking out a loan from my IRL friend @f to make this happen

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@6 Did you manage it?

predicts YES
predicts YES

@EvanDaniel unfortunately tho it used all my money so I'll have to resolve it some other time

predicts NO

@6 Resolving is free!

bought แน€5 of NO

I can confirm I will be loaning money to Scooby Doo if needed. He has my full faith and trust.