Is betting on your own markets acceptable?

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I want to choose no because hardwork change anything Dunkin Donuts Jacket

I feel no problems with betting on my own markets when the criteria for resolution is objective or requires an external source.

When it seems like my own opinion or judgement will be used for market resolution, I don't bet in it.

When it turns out that originally a fairly objective market requires my judgement midway, I sell my shares at profit or loss, and then make the call.

I think it's good to let creators bet in their own markers. Typically, they created those markets because they're the ones interested in that particular topic more than others. People often create markets they wish existed, and since they care about that topic, restricting them from betting on them is just incentivising lesser good quality market creation

Unequivocally yes. As long as you resolve honestly and share in the comments the reasoning behind your bets when appropriate or requested by the market then I think it is not only appropriate but optimal for market dynamics. Often people ask questions about things they know well, or are perhaps subject matter experts in, so other traders should value it too.

There are also the cases of people betting on the outcome of the market right before they resolve, to squeeze that last bit of mana out of it. I'd say that practice is questionable at the very least.

@JamesColiar It’s mostly for the calibration score I think not the mana. And the whales do it on everyone’s markets not just their own. I do it on my own because if you can earn 1 percent interest essentially with guaranteed zero risk you are insane not to take that. If you see me doing it do it too!!! That is in fact the benefit of making and managing the market in the first place. You can take any ethical issues up with my homies Goldman & Sachs. Also if you are absolutely certain something happened to resolve one of my markets you should buy it to 99% if you want to be a killer whale like @jack @MarcusAbramovitch @firstuserhere

I think so, as long as the resolution criteria are objective. I've bet on plenty of markets of mine where the resolution isn't something I personally control - in those cases, it's not like I have insider information or anything. I also resolve markets immediately upon finding out how they should resolve, rather than betting a bunch on them just before resolving them, and that's led to me resolving a few markets in ways that actually led to me losing mana because I value my integrity as a market creator more than my profits. A good example is the "will there be a Splatfest in September" market I resolved today; I could have sold my NO and bought a few hundred in YES before resolving it, but that felt dishonest - my prediction was wrong, and I'd rather let that stand as an "oops, my bad" moment.

Depends on the kind of market

@NicoDelon elaborate?

@Yves If a market has a subjective resolution criterion or if the creator has significant influence over the outcome or if the criteria are vague enough that interpretation and potentially discretion will be required then no. Otherwise that’s fine.