Will Anthropic Claude be publicly available in Canada as of EOY 2024?

This is about the Claude.ai web platform, not its usage through the API.

You can see the current list here: https://www.anthropic.com/claude-ai-locations.

If I confirm it to be publicly available in Canada but they haven't updated that list yet, it will still resolve YES, though.

The question is specifically about its status as of December 31st, 2024. If it becomes publicly available but then Canada becomes blocked again afterwards, such that it's still blocked on December 31st, the market will resolve NO.

If Claude is rebranded to what seems like a sufficiently similar product/LLM, the question will shift to that product.

If Claude is not publicly available in any country as of EOY 2024, the question will resolve N/A.

Requiring a paid user subscription does not disqualify its status as "publicly available".

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I am now able to access it from my Canadian IP. Unless something changes later, this will resolve YES on Jan 1st 2025.

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@f8fe is trolling, I think.

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