Will Israel pass the judicial reform bill?
resolved Jan 1


Resolves YES if the Knesset passes a bill in 2023 will allows itself to override all or a subset of Supreme Court decisions by a 61 vote majority, and/or which give the government majority control over the appointment or dismissal of judges.

Close date updated to 2023-12-31 6:59 pm

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Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve created an Israeli Government topic for Israel domestic policy markets.

To know the status and outcome of shell shockers unblocked the judicial reform bill in Israel, you would need to follow the latest news and updates from reliable sources and monitor the actions and discussions within the Knesset and the government.

Do people not think the current situation affects the likelihood of the bill passing?

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@ms Hard to predict directionally. War pushes people right but also the government has different priorities now, and they've screwed this up so badly they might lose some credibility.

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@BaryLevy The reasonableness clause was meaningless on the grand scheme of things. Hopefully this victory (along with the left's disproportional response) will make talks between the two sides more productive.

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Should resolve yes now?

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61-vote majority is already raised to 65 or something. Would the question resolve to yes with 65 votes or something other than 61?

@ICRainbow No to 65 votes, unless the govt gets majority control over appointment or dismissal of judges.

Far-right Kahanist Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir threatened to quit if the overhaul was delayed. Reportedly, he has been appeased by Netanyahu's promise to receive a "private militia." Follow up on that:

Thank you for opening this market!

🚨 Netanyahu said to now back overhaul freeze; National student group declares strike, joining universities: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog-march-26-2023/

🚨 Netanyahu fires defense minister Gallant after speech calling to pause judicial overhaul: https://news.sky.com/story/amp/israeli-pm-netanyahu-fires-defence-minister-who-criticised-planned-judicial-overhaul-12843186

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Defense min. Gallant calls to pause judicial overhaul, citing ‘tangible danger’ to state security. 630k attend protests: https://www.timesofisrael.com/liveblog-march-25-2023/

It looks like they are intent on passing at least a modified judges bill before Passover break. Coalition would have a majority on the judicial selection committee: https://www.cnn.com/2023/03/20/middleeast/israel-netanyahu-government-climbdown-intl/index.html

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