Will I write 10 blog posts in 2023?
resolved Jan 1

My blog is at https://uzpg.me/blog.html. I wrote two blog posts last year. I want to write more and will have at least 2 blog posts published this month.

I struggle with thoughts like "oh, this draft isn't worth publishing" or "can I really offer an interesting take on xyz topic". I'm not sure how to solve this, but I'm trying. https://twitter.com/uzpg_/status/1609248221636841474

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almost done with year review, and i know what the other one will be (the last)

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i will prevail

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At 7 posts, will definitely write an end of year post. That leaves me with 2 posts.

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6 posts now, excluding unpublished. That's 2 posts a month, including the usual year review.

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Currently think I will make it, but also think that the odds were a bit too high. Mostly because although I am writing a lot and have a backlog of stuff I can post, I've also been doing the sort of personal writing i need to think about before putting it online

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Note: I am now an MIT admissions blogger.

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For the purposes of discussion, I would say, your blog posts are super long and thorough. Writing can be a huge bummer, and if you can't get yourself going and stick to some kind of regular schedule, 10 blog posts is not happening. You might have a ton of drafts ready, but if they don't hit your sufficient degree of quality that you demand, then you won't publish them. Those 5 drafts might represent 80 hours of work, but in your mind you might think it's only going to be 10 hours...that's what happens with writing, there is no scope bound.

So anyway, not to be a downer, maybe this will help you think about your writing and actually push your goal over the line.

For what it's worth, I have a goal I'm reaching toward as well, which amounts to about 26 blog posts per year rather than 10.

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For motivation :)

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Have been writing quite a bit, am optimistic. Currently at 2, but I have around 5 drafts that are almost done.

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@uzpg I think you're currently at 3 lol.