Will the world reach peak natural gas production by 2035?

This will resolve for YES if the the world production rate of natural gas reaches its maximum point by 2035.

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What are the resolution criteria?

@benjaminIkuta I added a description on how it'll resolve.

@ajtalas how are you defining maximum point?

@benjaminIkuta Well I was only planning on deciding the definition in 2030, but if you’re going to force my hand, then I’ll say that a maximum point was reached if the world natural gas production rate after that year fails to reach a new record high for 5 consecutive years.

@ajtalas so it couldn't definitely resolve until after those five years?

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Not very likely.


Total natural gas demand to 2040 is projected to increase under most scenarios, driven in large part by the balancing role that gas is expected to play for renewables-based power generation until batteries are deployed at scale. In the decade to 2050, the outlook for gas demand differs widely by scenario, from a steady increase under slower transition scenarios to a steep decline under scenarios in which renewables and electrification advance faster.

@RanaG mickinsey has been wrong and discgraced time and time again. i would not cite them if i were u

@sxgada I personally worked on this analysis lol

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