Will Debian ship a driver written in Rust using the Rust for Linux infrastructure by 2025?
Dec 31

Resolution criteria:

  • The driver must be considered part of the Debian distribution

  • The driver must use the Rust infrastructure provided by the Rust for Linux project

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Looking at the official docs, I see

  • NVMe driver (in development, no plans to replace)

  • Null block driver (used for testing only)

  • Android binder driver (irrelevant to Debian)

Why are we so optimistic?

@tfae Re-checking the official doc, there is now Apple AGX GPU driver. This driver is very desirable, and of significant size such that it is very unlikely to be rewritten from Rust to C. If asahi (this is the name of the driver) is to be merged, this market's resolution now defaults to YES.

Verifying: do you consider unstable "part of the Debian distribution"? I want to make sure the criteria is met as soon as a driver ships in the Debian kernel, rather than waiting for that driver to then make it into the stable distribution that comes out every couple of years.

@josh Yes, unstable is considered part of Debian.