How many followers will I have on Mastodon by the end of 2023?
resolved Dec 31

I am looking at moving from Twitter to Mastodon. I don't know if I will complete the move and stay at Mastodon, but I thought it might be interesting to create some markets on it.

Resolution criterion: The number of Mastodon followers I have by the end of 2023, unless someone creates a bunch of bots to pump it up or something, in which case I will use my best personal judgement. If it exceeds 2800, I will cap it at 2800.

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I guess this will resolve to 60 as that is my current count. I resolved the other Mastodon markets prematurely because I'm not using Mastodon so I'm not somehow going to e.g. make 400 posts in a short time. But I'm not going to resolve this one until New Years because technically I could get more followers by then. But remember the "unless someone creates a bunch of bots to pump it up or something", which means that in the likely case that somebody pumps up my followers, I will still resolve the market to 60.

Inspired by Twitter we will now be banning all users and deleting all markets that advertise other social media.