Will there be an earthquake of at least 5.5 Magnitude on Cinco de Mayo 2024? (May 5)
May 7
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How are the different time zones handled ? Is there a particular time zone which will be the only one relevant earthquakes ? Or maybe what matters is that it’s May 5th at the epicenter of an a least 5.5 earthquake at the moment it starts ? Or does this resolve yes as long as there is an earthquake at least 5.5 anywhere on earth and it’s may 5th at the same moment somewhere ?

@Mich eastern time zone is default but i might use the timezone of the earthquake

NA if unsure

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@strutheo Okay

I think 55% suits this market well

@Mich I think so too. Like, in the past 30 days, there have been 21 earthquakes with a magnitude of 5.5+, so it's pretty likely (but not 100% guaranteed) that there'll be one on May 5th, somewhere in the world.

@PaintspotInfez @Mich

55% for 5.5 on 5/5 got it

@PaintspotInfez Yeaah that’s definitely what my brain was thinking and not “55% for 5.5 on 5/5 looks cool lmao”

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@Mich if I bet 100 it'd go to 54%, if I bet 110 it'd go to 56%. The sweet spot was at 105.

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