Will Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) release a review of the Rabbit R1 before the end of April 2024?
resolved Apr 30
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Feeling pretty good about myself for getting out of this one.

Resolves YES

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@qqii Ouch! Thankfully I basically broke even on this market overall (due to selling off a big chunk yesterday)

@Jacy I have a limit order for 300 at 15% if you're interested (or anyone else)

@retr0id maybe its rendering!

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@HansPeter hey thats not a rabbit r1!!!

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Marques just confirmed in their podcast that he's definitely doing a video review.

@JonathanMannhart Marques: "This is the fundamental like 'buying a device based on future promises' thing where, AI- AI in general has all this gigantic future promise, and we're coming out with a device that's based on it super early and it delivers almost none of that promise, and you could make a real emotional argument that this is worth buying based on the possible future of what it could be to you, but, it makes it impossible to review right now because it just doesn't do that stuff"

bought Ṁ100 NO from 72% to 66%

stay strong my fellow NO hodlers, we can do this, if we all believe really hard

meditating on the "nothing ever happens" mantra

it's working


5 days left...

Reviews are dropping:

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I mean idk what else he's going to do in the next 7 days. Nothing else is coming out. He's hinted as nothing else.

@JonathanMannhart there is a chance that he will use it daily for a week before doing the review, in which case the review could come out in start of May

At this point I think a MKBHD review is likely (although there's still a chance it won't arrive until after April), but I'm still gonna hodl NO because I am an irrational being.

@strutheo I assume a mere "unboxing" video wouldn't count?

@retr0id it really depends, that might count. but not if it is just a quick video posted to social media and not youtube

The pickup-party is tomorrow. If a video were to be released, I'd expect it to coincide.

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@qqii also my thoughts, I'm gonna be pressing F5 like crazy lol

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