🤔What will Manifold pick as the biggest problem in the universe? [ADD RESPONSES]
Jun 23
Artificial General Intelligence
The General Control Problem (How can many weak agents best decentralize control a more powerful agent)

Resolved by poll after market close

Inspired by the podcast(s) of a similar name

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The General Control Problem (How can many weak agents best decentralize control a more powerful agent)

@Krantz It’s worth noting that (1) the alignment of AI and (2) the decentralization of government are both components of the general control problem in philosophy.

bought Ṁ150 The General Control ... NO

the biggest problem in the universe is "Solving all problems forever". That's a superset of all other problems, and therefore must be more important and big.

That is correct.

I also think if someone where aimed at 'solving all problems forever' they would find 'the control problem' to be the most instrumental problem to focus effort on.

Especially if failing to solve the control problem leads to an extinction that prevents other problems from being solved.

True but that doesn’t mean Manifold will pick it as the biggest problem

Pretty sure Moloch is the worst one. Most of the other problems here are downstream consequences of Moloch. Hope it wins despite being less known than AGI.

@SlipperySloe even if this one is obvious i want to get a list of our top 50+ problems so i can make some more markets about them!

locking this at a certain number of responses so i can do some fun meta markets with our top X problems, keep submitting good ones

Artificial General Intelligence

Do manifold users think Artificial General Intelligence is really THIS BAD??

@CyfralCoot worse than pedophilia!

@strutheo even worse than cancer, war, genocide, terrorism, masturbation and heat death of the universe combined

@CyfralCoot The heat death of the universe isn't as time-critical.

@CyfralCoot How "masturbation" got on this list x)

To me the problem with AGI, is that it is a currently an S-risk. But some other problems are very bad too, and they increase each others (but there will be only one picked).

@dionisos it was me >:) i did it

@dionisos I just thought it was funny to include in the middle

here is the final list of problems that the first iteration of the Biggest Problem podcast came up with, they weren't thinking as big

@strutheo bruh what? Barely a handful of those are even what I would call actual problems, and most of those are at the extreme low end of the scale

@TheAllMemeingEye it was a comedy podcast to be clear, with a very certain audience lol

@strutheo can you share the link? These people be crazy

@TheAllMemeingEye here is the old original show hosted by maddox and dick masterson


it has since been rebooted with just dick masterson


@strutheo 🤯 Tfw armchair psychologists and anti-vax are in top 10 while armchair economists and mosquitos (thus malaria, yellow fever etc) are barely top 200

Do you plan on creating a standard Manifold poll for this or using a method where users rate the ten biggest problems on a scale of 1 to 10 via Google etc?

@Lion either standard poll if i can afford it, or google. maybe a likert scale idk

@strutheo likert scale is strongly disagree to strongly agree right? So equivalent to 1-5ish?

@strutheo I'd personally prefer a more detailed Google poll, but if you decide to do a Manifold poll and need the Mana, you can just contact me.

@Lion ok im open to either! maybe they'll have fancy polls on manifold by then

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