What will be true about 2024's Time Person of the Year?
Dec 19
English speaker (human)
A specific living individual
Photo exists of them wearing a baseball hat
Has been to Africa
An individual head of state (current or elect)
Recording exists of them saying "fuck"
Currently married
Abrahamic religion
Born after Hiroshima bombing & before Macintosh 128K release
Leader (or leader elect) of P5 country : 🇨🇳 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 🇷🇺🇫🇷
Two or more children
Blue eyes
At least 75 years old at time of announcement
Drinks alcohol
6 feet / 183 cm or taller
Has won Times POTY before
shriner / bear / elk / mason / rotary club / lion or other social club member

Rules (In Progress)

  • If the answer is marked HUMAN, it will be resolved NO if an object or other non-human wins (Example: ChatGPT does not count as an English speaker)

  • If the answer is marked INDIVIDUAL, it will resolve NO if more than one person wins.

  • If a group of people wins, an answer must apply to ALL of them for it to resolve YES. (Example: If the answer is 'Bald', and a group of five people win, it will resolve YES if all five are Bald, and NO if at least one person is not Bald.)

I reserve the right to NA any answer for any reason, to combat duplicates or abuse.

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bump due to rumors

bought Ṁ20 of Blue eyes YES

Do you agree that Trump, Biden, Putin, and Altman all have blue eyes? 🧿🧿

@33 seems yes based on some googling

@strutheo Ya, Trump's are sometimes listed as grey, so thanks for the confirmation!

Athlete (Professional) (can be retired)

Trump is an avid golfer. Biden is a cyclist.

It doesn't say professional

@33 im going to update it to be professional thanks for pointing out

@strutheo better sell! :)

bought Ṁ30 of Has won Times POTY b... YES

How does it resolve for a collection of people? Two examples that maybe have different treatment

  • “You” (6billion people)

  • “Biden and Harris” (2 people)

@Gen trying to think of a good way to do this

Method 1 - classify all answers as 'individual' or 'group' in the response. and if a a 'group' ends up being picked, i can NA or NO all the 'individual' answers (like blue eyes , 6 feet tall, etc)

Method 2 - if there is a group of people and any one of them has the trait (eg blue eyes) then we can resolve those YES

still unsure which i prefer

@Gen adding some rules to the description let me know if you think of any more edge cases

...could suck a golf ball through a garden hose.

hmm any source we can use for this @33

@strutheo I'm willing to research it

@Tumbles I think most year's would be a no. 2023's winner might need a pole, I mean poll, to resolve. There's quite a large sample to draw results from.

But ya, I say Tumbles gets the final say on this one.

Has won Times POTY before

Does this apply to anyone who read the 2006 Time POTY ?

@Tumbles no haha (unless they do YOU again)

Does English speaker mean native English speaker or does second-language count? Would ChatGPT count as an English speaker?

@JakobBrunker english speaker will imply they speak english conversationally , does not have to be first language. and we won't consider any non humans as a 'speaker' for the purposes of this question.