🧼 Will I find more than 50 back-up soap dispensers when I visit my mom's house?
resolved Mar 9

Last time I visited my mom's house I found 42 (I think) soap dispensers not in use in the cabinets of the bathrooms. She's not a germaphobe or hoarder (allegedly).

I brought it up, and she said they are "seasonal."

Last time, I was in a rush, so I may have counted some that are just lotions, but I also may have not have found all of her soap stashes. She also may have purged some of them since I brought it up last time.

Soap dispensers that are in use (by a sink) will not be counted.

This is very serious.

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That’s 49. And then there’s this

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@probajoelistic incredible

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@probajoelistic have you chatted with her about this? does she just really like liquid soaps? I didn't expect the stock to be on display like some of them are!

@probajoelistic I believe that’s 68 in total. Definitely more than 50. If there’s another pandemic, y’all know who to call 😂

@probajoelistic haha bookmarking this market just in case lol

The sanitation enumeration begins

The disinfection inspection

Keep us updated

This is just 👌

"Last time, I was in a rush,"

Is it implied that you'll take your time in order to that the measurement that will resolve this market?

@MatthewLeong Yeah I’ll try to get someone to verify my count

How long will it have been?

@ian 2 weeks. I visited last week, and will be visiting next week. I’m a very good son.

@probajoelistic are you going to look more thoroughly or just the same thoroughness as last time?

@ian This time will be a full investigation 🕵️