Will a cyber attack by a top 10 GDP nation involving exposing mass private civilian data occur before 2028?

Top 10 GDP at time of attack. Must be by a state or entity with noteworthy international suspicion to be under direction of that state.

Mass = affects greater than 10,000,000 people

Civilian = non military personnel of another nation.

Private Data = passwords, private pictures, account numbers, some other form of data that is somewhat damaging (think embarrassing as lower bound). May include some false information purposefully or accidentally, but must be “mostly” reliable.

Exposing = making publicly accessible for the purpose of causing harm/chaos/unrest. Don’t read too much into this, basically suspected malicious intent.

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contentious 😫

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My rationale: An attack like this is likely, but reliable attribution is unlikely.

to that end - "strongly believed" by whom?

@retr0id yeah that’s definitely a problem. I’ve updated the language to a significantly weaker qualification as I feel this closer aligns to my original intent. I’ll tip you some mana for pointing this out/hurting your bet!

Actually i’m just not gonna bet on this

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