Will the FDA list at least 350 approvals for February 2022?
resolved Mar 2
This market resolves to YES if there are at least 350 combined Approvals and Tentative Approvals listed for February 2022 on this webpage: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/daf/index.cfm?event=reportsSearch.process. Otherwise it resolves to NO. The market closes at the time listed below, and will be resolved on March 2nd in order to allow time for reporting.
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Up to 308 entries - a lot published just today, but not enough to bring it over the line unless more are released for February in the next two days
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Only lists 265 entries as of the morning of 2/28, and past months suggest that there won't be a large release on the final day of the month
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Selling as I would only profit M$1 and I need M$ to bet against a question with an unrealistically high % after spending all of mine to create a market.