Will Elon Musk beat Mark Zuckerberg if they fight in a cage match?

based on: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1671364992665264131

resolves if it actually happens.

n/a otherwise

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Buying some YES. I think people underestimate the importance of height and mass advantage. Musk looks like a walking cinderblock.

We truly live in a boring dystopia

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it’s still early, Musk might have time to train

Elon has the height and weight advantage, I'm not sure a year of BJJ puts things that far in Zuck's favor.

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@Sailfish it definitely does imo, but if Musk had sufficient time to train then almost certainly he could close the gap faster than Zuck could extend it

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@JoshuaWilkes Maybe, I would guess Zuck realistically should win by points, perhaps I was too hasty. Elon is big though.