Conditional on the Atlas Fellowship running in 2024, will Klein be a 2024 Atlas Fellow
resolved Dec 4

Resolves YES if Klein, poster of, is selected as a 2024 Atlas Fellow. Resolves NO if there are 2024 Atlas Fellows, but Klein is not one of them*. Resolves N/A otherwise. Closes when Klein's market resolves, or when Atlas announces that they will not be continuing in 2024.

Related market**:

* If the Atlas Fellowship runs next year but changes its eligibility requirements, or if Klein is unable to reapply for any other reason, this market will still resolve NO

** Note that it is possible for that market to resolve NO and this one to resolve N/A. This will happen if the Atlas Fellowship does not run next year, but also does not disband.

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The three markets fit surprisingly well into Bayes' theorem

predicted NO

@Logaems It's probably not being illustrated right now


Well, internet strangers are starting to notice me, yay I've made it?

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@klein199 bro bet against himself💀