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AKA Greenbull, Aramaki

BUY: good
SHORT: bad
Market trades based on sentiment & never resolves.

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@KizaruTheGreat Hey, it looks like you created a bunch of alts, used their starting mana to bet on this, and then traded against them? That's against the rules. Is that what happened?

@jacksonpolack nah those are friends on discord and i told them to bet on this

Market manipulation my beloved

what the hell the stock just jumped. chapter 1110 spoilers or something??

@tsaitama Chapter 1112 leaks wreenbull one shot figarland with a named attack

bought Ṁ405 BUY

Wreenbull alongside papazuki will low diff the holy knights and make imu flee tail between legs

He’s an admiral, easy money ppl who say no r dumb

bought Ṁ50 of BUY

Just watch how Wreenbull will low diff and catch all Shichibukai, including Mihawk and Teach, just how Fleet Admiral ordered in chapter 1097

predicts SHORT

@SigmaMale of course man, of course

predicts BUY

@nobody He will. I can't wait to see the look on your face when you're forced to accept the GODBULL gospel.

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Nah Fraudbull here is letting the admiral side down

bought Ṁ100 of BUY

I'm investing every last cent into this man, he's bound to be winning, just you watch.

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just watch. he alone will bring up the admiral agenda. everybody, BOW TO GODbull

bought Ṁ101 of SHORT


bought Ṁ25 of BUY

I'm doubling down on this guy

for the win!

bought Ṁ100 of BUY

Wreenbull is top 5 in the verse, wait for 1087 where he low diffs rat haired

predicts SHORT

@SigmaMale he still suckling on shanks' tit he is not ready for the smoke

bought Ṁ50 of BUY

Wreenbull is bound to go up, he’s an admiral ffs. Morley didn’t even scratch him he was in Logia form

Recent chapter proved that Morlez barely scratched Greenbull. Im buying

just you watch wreenbull gonna be doing sad based tings come final war, not coping...

predicts SHORT

@lefftenant by the time final war comes around ill be having grandkids