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Bro Moot is Mootin' right now

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This guy sucks so hard his best friend doesn't even want to go to his wedding, sell sell sell

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@viwa RIP

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@pain Oh well he's still a fat little retard.

Every couple days I remember this website exists and dump all my money into shorting mouton. It's a free money glitch I found on this website.

Hopefully he comes back so people can remember what a loser he is and the stock plummets.

No longer an orbiter, hasn't been on stream for months, abandoned DGG to save his own skin during the Keffals arc.

League arc will always come back. Sell during League arc.

This man will be the catalyst that opens the rift once again. Do not allow him to gain unearened share value.

predicts SHORT

Easy No long hold for the inevitable league binge

I'm a mootcel, but there is one problem. If he shows up on stream for league, this stock craters. I hold long for League, even if I'm a fan.

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