MrMouton Stock (Permanent)

Yes = Buy
No = Short
This is a permanent market and its duration will be lengthened as long as it's allowed. The aim is to sell your stock (see top right after you've made a bet) when you believe your side has over-corrected and buy in/short it again once it's over-corrected to the other side. Essentially, it's meant to function like a traditional stock market.

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Close date updated to 2030-12-31 11:59 pm

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lmfaotopkek avatar
lmfao topkek
bought Ṁ50 of YES

League arc will always come back. Sell during League arc.

bought Ṁ40 of NO

This man will be the catalyst that opens the rift once again. Do not allow him to gain unearened share value.

saucyfox avatar
is predicting NO at 75%
TechnoGatsby avatar

Easy No long hold for the inevitable league binge

TheSaltDealer avatar
bought Ṁ25 of NO

I'm a mootcel, but there is one problem. If he shows up on stream for league, this stock craters. I hold long for League, even if I'm a fan.

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