Darius Stock (Permanent)

Yes = Buy
No = Short
This is a permanent market and its duration will be lengthened as long as it's allowed. The aim is to sell your stock (see top right after you've made a bet) when you believe your side has over-corrected and buy in/short it again once it's over-corrected to the other side. Essentially, it's meant to function like a traditional stock market.

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idris_n avatar
Idris_Nbought Ṁ100 of YES

Godstiny rizz god sushia punching the air rn

Traveel avatar
Traveelbought Ṁ30 of NO

actually insufferable

Pickle avatar
Pickleis predicting YES at 58%


IsaacKing avatar
Isaac Kingis predicting NO at 61%

Aw rats, my nice flat line is gone. That's disappointing. I'm out.

Pickle avatar
Picklebought Ṁ35 of YES

I bet on Darius and against clean rooms

BillSong avatar
Bill Songbought Ṁ260 of YES
BillSong avatar
Bill Songbought Ṁ10 of YES

I've decided to stand up for something i believe in

BillSong avatar
Bill Songis predicting YES at 55%

@BillSong just brought 1k

Simon1551 avatar

he's 6"4 and 230? WHAT A FUCKING CHAD

BillSong avatar
Bill Songbought Ṁ50 of YES

the content king

Geozach avatar
Zachbought Ṁ30 of YES

Tank it all you want.
Just means cheaper buys for me Gigachad.

Simon1551 avatar

Darius this you?

OrbiterVoltron avatar
Orbiter Voltronis predicting YES at 55%

@Simon1551 lmao im glad im not the only one who thought it sounded like darius

Geozach avatar
Zachbought Ṁ25 of YES

Now is the time to buy.

Ahlekss avatar
Ahlekssbought Ṁ30 of YES


Simon1551 avatar

Love to see this below 60%

Ahlekss avatar
Ahlekssbought Ṁ100 of YES

@Simon1551 Simon Capital won't be solvent for much longer!! KEEP HOLDING!!

Ahlekss avatar
Ahlekssis predicting YES at 55%


7x00 avatar
7is predicting YES at 55%

Buy more at yes!

Simon1551 avatar

Darius should be at 50% tops there's nothing interesting about him he doesn't really have anything insightful to say about any topic appart from complaining about people. When he appears on stream he's often screaming... I mean what is there to like about him?

EmpSee avatar
Emp Seeis predicting YES at 70%

@Simon1551 im gonna sell all my other stock and go all in yes for darius stay mad

Simon1551 avatar

@EmpSee Oh yes, I'm fuming right now. I will assemble as much mana as I can and tank this market because I care so much

SethaWetha avatar
SethaWethabought Ṁ10 of NO

@Simon1551 I'd agree but I think he's worth about 60% tops. He has some value as a lolcow.

huhu avatar
huhubought Ṁ17 of YES

@Simon1551 He's a wild card, you never know what he'll cook up next plus he's funny

patodesu avatar
Patois predicting YES at 55%

@Simon1551 you have a neji pfp, of course you will hate on the uchiha, you stan a boring character with an inferior jutsu

Simon1551 avatar

@patodesu Says the person with Suzumiya as his pfp...
I can't with these Darius fan boys you're almost as cringe as Mr Fanatiq fans

ManifoldDream avatar
Manifold in the WildBot

Manifold in the wild: A Tweet by 7x00🇪🇪🦡 MullRat

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩:🟥🟥🟥🟥 I'm betting YES at M$530 to M$784 on 'Darius Stock (Permanent)' https://manifold.markets/memestiny/darius-stock-permanent

7x00 avatar
7bought Ṁ100 of YES

Darius is up for orbiter of 2023, unironically

dgga avatar
duNis predicting NO at 63%

@7x00 he will never let you drink out of his fleshlight

7x00 avatar
7is predicting YES at 68%

@dddddddddddddgga He tried to warn us about lav and we didn't listen. Darius is taking dub and dub after dub. He's on the come up popularity wise, the dubs will continue to stack

Simon1551 avatar

@7x00 What?? Everyone was complaining about Lav way before Darius started his annoying rant

7x00 avatar
7is predicting YES at 70%

@Simon1551 Unironically the dumbest shit I've read this year

Simon1551 avatar

@7x00 Of course the dick rider... I mean fan, would say that smh

I'll pray for you

7x00 avatar
7is predicting YES at 70%

@Simon1551 Cry is free bro.

Simon1551 avatar

@7x00 It's hilarious internet people have all the same quotes. But seeing who your idol is can't say I'm surprised

7x00 avatar
7is predicting YES at 69%

@Simon1551 You're embarrassing yourself.

Simon1551 avatar

Darius is the most cringe orbiter by far all he does is scream and say the N word 😑

Dumdume avatar
Dum dumebought Ṁ50 of YES


ArcChristelle avatar
Arc Christelle


Roshi avatar
Roshisold Ṁ84 of NO
ArcChristelle avatar
Arc Christellebought Ṁ100 of NO

@Roshi not with those tears

Geozach avatar
Zachbought Ṁ26 of YES

Darius deserves to be above LTG.

JaimeSantos avatar
Jaime Santossold Ṁ10 of NO

The relationship convo on stream was pretty good after 2 month of Darius going unhinged in the panels. Definitely gonna go up Copium

Harrison avatar
Harrisonbought Ṁ15 of YES

darius is the best clout shark

EPaquet avatar
E Paquetbought Ṁ100 of NO

Short on Darius because he's annoying and not very funny!

therealkami avatar
kamiis predicting YES at 69%

if you vote no, you hate dogs which isnt very swag


Oddrenaline avatar
Oddrenalinebought Ṁ25 of YES

Breakup drama incoming. Buying more stonks

Jake avatar
Jakebought Ṁ75 of YES

this was a bad call

therealkami avatar
kamiis predicting YES at 63%

Do it for all the dogs out there who need some lovin!


massengg avatar
massenggis predicting YES at 66%

Buy now it can only go up 🙂

dgga avatar
duNis predicting NO at 60%

@massengg Someone is new to dgg PepeLaugh

IFFYY avatar
IFFYYbought Ṁ20 of NO

I feel a mistake coming soon

PurpleFire0960 avatar
PurpleFire0960is predicting YES at 58%


PeterMMMM avatar
Peterbought Ṁ10 of NO

bring eet down

BettersonMcgee avatar
DoppioFrogbought Ṁ100 of YES


Arctic avatar
Arcticbought Ṁ100 of YES


0o0 avatar
0o0bought Ṁ50 of NO

dump it

patrik49 avatar
DAN FANbought Ṁ100 of NO

Going down with first mental breakdown.

dgga avatar
duNbought Ṁ121 of YES

@patrik49 1640 shares sitting on it GIGACHAD

GYM FLAIRbought Ṁ200 of YES

Believe in Darius potential, he has survived worse and while he has his lows his highs are legendary and will recieve 85%+ DGG support within the next month

Meltzu avatar
Meltzubought Ṁ50 of YES

WARIUS will bring easy content in the future. Bound to go up!

zoink avatar
zoinkbought Ṁ100 of YES

Buy now, crash is mooning.

HahaCltndix avatar
Haha Cltndixbought Ṁ10 of YES

Invested based on LAV stock descending and Darius being a dedicated anti-LAV. Previously I viewed this stock as high risk, high reward.... however now I think the risk has minimized. Darius has the most potential to skyrocket during this Daliban crusade. BULLISH.

Arctic avatar
Arcticbought Ṁ100 of YES

this stock will sky rocket with one darius lav convo HOLD! HOLD! HOLD!