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how does one create a stock market

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Melina out, Darius in.

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@MortenNielsen melina is a dirty skank. Darius on the other hand is a-a... Darius is a Tyrone-Adonis Hybrid with a steadfast cock

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@ItachisEyes I agree with the part about Darius.

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Racist woman beater stock.... yikes dude

Easiest short ever. If you see a mentally unstable person and they have a history of rejecting help, you can be sure they’ll spiral downwards. Ticking timebomb.

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I keep wanting to short this or buy a dip but it's always valued exactly where it should be.

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@carbonthief I don't understand, it's way above 0

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Broke free of bipolar succubus, so powerful!

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now, onto the next borderline queen!

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darius took a big L visiting Grace Thorpe. Should be shorting this thing to 0.

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@SmartySnopes Ya idk why Manifold stocks have been so unresponsive

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@Traveel Value is subjective. To many the Grace Thorpe debacle brings entertainment and content. To them it could raise Darius's stock.

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Makes no sense that the stock is this high; buyers holding for no reason other than ignorance

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hannah just dumped him for having photos of sushia and a leaky fleshlight. Things are going great!

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@SmartySnopes means it's time to buy

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Soon some weird shit will most likely come out. Darius is a proper creep.

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If Darius can keep himself out of coomer jail, and slur jail, racism jail, homophobia jail, and from catching hepatitus D, we should see a good deal of growth. Premium lulcow technology and his operating expenses are low! plus the Rele synergy in the gym should mean easy gains.

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Just have to wait for the day the quirky fuckboy vibes turn into creepy fuckboy vibes, it's not a matter of "if" but "when".

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@AlexandervonEich cringe darius hater

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@BillSong darius is literally an insufferable idiot

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this made me buy 3000 worth of shares

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