Will humans send AND receive a message telepathically via brain machine interface before 2026?

If at least one sentence in a written language is communicated accurately via read/write telepathy between two subjects before Jan 1st 2026 at 12:00am, this market will resolve to true. The message must be both sent and received via brain machine interface without other signaling between the subjects.

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Do "Yes!" and "No!" qualify as sentences for the sake of this market? What about other simple sentiment statements (such as "I am happy") which could be triggered via brain machine interface without needing to really interact with the brain's language processing in general?

What if: User A "telepathically" types on a keyboard, letter by letter, and user B, while looking at a keyboard or set of letters, is shown a sequence of what appear to be bright lights imparted "telepathically" in their brain by the bci.

That seems to be within the current capabilities of neuralink already, so this question resolves the same as "Will 2 humans have bci implants by 2026".

I think its likely if this counts and unlikely if it doesn't except if fast takeoff happens before 2026.

@Jacknaut I think this is slightly more interesting than just installing neuralinks in humans because it would require a proper installation with writing to the visual cortex in one human as well as reading from another. Those would be installed in two separate brain regions from what I understand.

I agree that under the original resolution criteria this would qualify, and so of course I will leave it that way. If I had thought about this ahead of time I might have written it slightly differently though.

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