Will a European country will re-establish a monarchy in the 21st century?

Resolves to YES if any European country goes from being a republic to a monarchy before the year 2100, claiming to restore its monrachy (not introducing a new monarchy). The historic monarchy does not need to exactly correspond to the country restoring it (e.g. the Kingdom of Poland had different borders to modern Poland, but it would still count). Russia, Turkey and Cyprus count as part of Europe; Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan do not.

Inspired by this Tweet: https://twitter.com/AaronBastani/status/1653798589573873664?s=20

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Bruno Pargapredicts NO

Does it count as yes if it is a current monarchy? Like, they abolish the monarchy and later restore it?

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Lisa Marsh
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The 21st century ends on 2100-12-31.