Will Levi's discord server have 20+ members at the end of July?

link: https://discord.gg/gMzPnwsQY

Just highlighting this comment:

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@levifinkelstein ur not gonna like kick enough people so the member count falls below 20 at the end of july right?

@NekoHime that's not decided, at least you shouldn't bet on the assumption that I won't

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Currently 20 members

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@ianminds "at the end of July"

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@SirCryptomind I know, just saying

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@ianminds Close date is July 31st 3023 🤣 and market does not specify "which July" other than the close date.

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@SirCryptomind I was just hoping someone would buy a little yes, so I could get out of all of their markets without taking a loss

keep in mind it's at "the end of July" at market close

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@levifinkelstein specifically "at" so it won't matter if it happens before but then goes down again

currently 11 members