Will any country implement a tax on meat products due to environmental concerns by the end of 2025? (M$300 subsidy)

Broad tax, after market creation. At least 5 million citizens.

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Would a carbon tax on all goods including meat resolve YES?

Good question. I think it would depend on the specifics, but I'm not sure exactly where to draw the line right now. What do you think?

@jskf I feel like the answer should be YES. It’s a tax, the tax is applied to meat, it’s clearly from an environmental concern. Any politician passing such a law will have to contend with “they’re taxing my meat” as a dissenting opinion.

@Noit I could also see them implement a hard or soft carve-out for meat for this reason. Might be hard to adjudicate. Maybe I should write the criteria in terms of an effective cost difference between two specific baskets of goods resulting from a newly implemented tax?

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@jskf The tax should be targeted towards meat, not just a carbon tax. I mean a sales tax applies to meat, too

@ian Usually hard to argue that a sales tax has been implemented “due to environmental concerns”, however.

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@JimHays True! Forgot about that part. I suppose it could be a sales tax increase to fund environmental efforts

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@JimHays On the other hand it says “tax on meat products”. A carbon tax is a tax on carbon which also affects meat products. Maybe to be a tax “on” meat products, the language of the bill should explicitly address meat.

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