Create a high quality market about benefits vs harms of insecticide-treated mosquito net distribution
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The e/acc people are coming for the bed nets now:

1k mana bounty for creating a high quality market such that you can roughly read the market probability as "is donating to AMF a good idea", and such that it resolves based on evidence we are likely to obtain in the future. The criteria would ideally rely on evidence both the e/acc people and the GiveWell people would be likely to find convincing.

Note I awarded 300 mana so far. Bounty is still open, so please take my response to the first submission into account if you have a go at it:

hmm, not sure I like "number of meta-analysis papers" as a metric of consensus (both because quantity is not necessarily a good indicator of quality and because the number of such analyses might be very low). I also don't really expect such analyses to make strong claims about "net-positive overall impact on humans and animals", so there's a significant risk of the resolution being fairly subjective. I'd also prefer conditions that allow the market to resolve as soon as possible given enough evidence, though that's not a deal-breaker.

Other consideration: the market should probably capture the state of things right now. That is, if bed nets end up being good because of future improvements but current methods are harmful, the market should count this as a failure for team GiveWell.

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Does this suffice? (sorry for subjective title, character limit meant I had to put the objective criteria in the description)


Bounty is still open!

This the first time im hearing of this, didnt know its a thing

FYI, the claim that bed nets are widely used for fishing comes from an internet poll with 113 respondents.

@RobertCousineau this may be a good one for you?

Good bounty OP.


bad nets??