Will Turkey invade Syria by July 2023?
closes Jul 1

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Will Turkey remain a member of NATO by 2030?82%
Will at least one person be killed in a conflict between Greece and Turkey during 2023?9%
Will Iran attack Saudi Arabia by the end of June 2023?4%
Will Bashar Al-Assad be deposed in 2023?8%
Will Finland and Sweden be approved to join NATO by July 1, 2023?23%
Will Israeli forces enter the Gaza Strip in 2023?12%
Will more than 200 rockets, mortars, and missiles be fired at Israel in July 2023?28%
International affairs 2023: Turkey and Hungary approve the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO?78%
Will there be a military conflict between Israel and Iran during 2023?10%
Will 1 or more person be injured or killed in a dispute/conflict between Turkey and Greece, prior to 203048%
Will the 3rd intifada begin in 2023?13%
Will Egypt go to war with Ethiopia by 2030?39%
Will American rocket systems be used against targets on Russian soil before July 2023?14%
Will Kosovo and Serbia go to war before the end of 2023?7%
Will Saudi Arabia enter into a political and military alliance with Israel by the end of 2023?6%
Will Iran conduct a nuclear weapons test by the end of 2023?8%
Will North Korea invade South Korea by 2035?33%
Will a nuclear weapon be detonated before July 2023? (tests included)4%
Will Iran or Iran-backed forces attack US forces in Iraq and cause at least one casualty in 2023?23%
Will Israel annex Judea and Samaria by 2024?13%