Will Turkey and/or Northern Cyprus occupy the Republic of Cyprus before 2030?

Resolution criteria

  • If currently unoccupied part of the Republic of Cyprus is occupied by the Turkish military forces or by the forces of Northern Cyprus before the market end, then the resolution is YES.

  • If occupation is partial, but more than half of the current area (that is not occupied as of 2024-01-02) of the republic is occupied, then the resolution is also YES.

  • If the occupation forces are not official military forces of Northern Cyprus and/or Turkey, but they are supplied and/or significantly supported by them, then the resolution is YES (e.g. cases similar to Donetsk/Lugansk Peoples Republics after 2014 would also be considered as occupation by Russia for the purposes of this market).

  • Otherwise the resolution is NO.

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Turkey already occupies the Republic of Cyprus. I presume you mean it'll occupy more of it?

@BrunoParga thanks for this comment. Let's say more than half of the currently unoccupied area of the Republic.

UPD: changed the description.

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