Will any blockchain game surpass 1 million MAUs in terms of its on-chain activity in 2023?
Dec 31

For reference, the current most popular blockchain games -- Alien Worlds -- has around 300,000 MAUs as per DappRadar


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Is there an assumption that a user = an address? User metrics are very game-able and projects have the incentive to distort numbers on the upside. Is there a methodology that will account for this or are we just going off of headline numbers?

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@DennyPeng We don't need any assumptions, question's resolution criteria is clear. In description Alien World's 300K from Dappradar is referred to as MAU. The number from the same column of the same Dappradar is now more than 1M for another game. Can't see reason to call it anything else than MAU.

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DappRadar using UAW (unique active wallets), so the answer is yes we are assuming a wallet = user. Wasn’t clear that DappRadar is the resolution criteria, it just lists it as an example.

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@DennyPeng I agree in principle, it is hard to pin down exact numbers, number of wallets may not coincide with number of users, etc. However, if questions description makes an example using Dappradar's UAW as MAU, it is reasonable to expect that the same will be done with resolution.

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@papa Got it, appreciate the clarification!

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resolve pls

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@jonjordanc3f0 Is it enough to resolve the market?

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@Emanuele98 I think so

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@jonjordanc3f0 Please resolve

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