Will there be genetically engineered catgirls by 2100?

In a literal sense

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It would, as many researchers said it is just a lack of funding. It can be done but needs a lot of funding but I don’t think anyone would want to fund it

if there aren't genetically engineered catgirls by 2070 I will fucking do it myself


@evergreenemily insurance

@evergreenemily ...against?

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@LokWenBin No, for. Either catgirls become real, or 104-year-old me makes a profit on NO. Win-win.

@evergreenemily Unfortunately even in most optimistic timelines I don't think 104-year-old you will be getting any mileage out of genetically engineered catgirls...

predicts NO

@LokWenBin I would be happy to just know they existed.