Will catboys walk among us by the end of 2048?

I noticed that while we have 5 markets about catgirls, we have no markets about catboys. This is a horridly sad realization that needs to be rectified. As such, I am doing that here.

We will be defining what a "catboy" is based on good ol anime logic (Google anime catboys for more information).

Resolves yes if the existence of at least 1 (one) catboy is confirmed by multiple credible sources.

Resolves no if the criteria above is not met

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Surprisingly high. Anyone got insider info on the catboy development sphere

bought Ṁ10 NO from 62% to 60%

@Rucker I remain hopeful 🐈‍⬛

@shankypanky we stay hoping 🙏🙏

@Rucker The catgirl market was at 69 so I bought this up to match lol

@Joshua based

predicts NO

I like how the AI-generated banner image shows more catgirls than catboys:

@PlasmaBallin I'll swap out the image when I get a chance.

@PlasmaBallin there is no good catboy art so I had to dig up some shitty ai art for it. Better than nothing

Catgirls? Maybe. Catboys? Probably not.

Thank you for addressing the important issue of our unbalanced catperson gender ratio.