Will anyone manage to get OpenAI Sora to generate NSFW videos in the three months after release?
May 17

Using the publicly available version when released, so not including red teamers. Anything as nsfw or worse as a woman with breasts exposed. Has to be at least somewhat replicable. Three months after release.

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Mild eye roll to the threshold but that's roughly "Industry standard" so It's understandable. It's been easy enough to adapt prompts cleverly for every other image generator, I don't see why the latest and greatest will be any different.

I have another (more popular) market about more explicit pornography. I'm not intending to imply any moral judement either way.

@jacksonpolack lol I'm adding commentary for the sake of discussion. I have to laugh because by this time next year I'll probably go from instagram SFW to instagram NSFW if I post shirtless (see my market, I can delete embed if it's unwelcome)