What's the best Manifold meme?
resolved Sep 3
learning market dynamics
Hello yes I am the real Doctor Ji-Hoon Kim. My meme is the best meme. I will publish new paper soon, you see then.
Definitely not rationalussy. Fuck rationalussy.
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my play money prediction market platform is dying https://firebasestorage.googleapis.com/v0/b/mantic-markets.appspot.com/o/user-images%2Fdefault%2FZv4zJ_i2VA.png?alt=media&toke
AI wiping out humanity
The name “DesTiny” was the best by far
Manifest ball bit

I'll pick a shortlist of the top 5 based on my personal subjective opinion and popular support, and then put it up for a public poll (approval voting by comment likes). Resolves to the winner. (To judge popular support, I may look at the market price, upvotes in the comments, ask other users to nominate their favorites, etc.)

You can submit a meme by adding it as an answer and/or posting a comment. We'll make sure comments that get a lot of upvotes get added as answer choices.

For images, post it in the comments and add an answer with a matching title and/or a link to the image.

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Congrats to the best Manifold meme!

@jack moment of silence for rationalussy

The poll has closed! The votes as of now are:

The poll officially closed at midnight ET, so if anyone checked the vote earlier in the day and there were different vote counts then, speak now!

@ButtocksCocktoasten LOL to your family

@jack It's the same as Midnight EST.

@jack You maniacs!

According to the first episode of the Crystal Ballin' podcast, Rationalussy is the number one Manifold meme.



@ButtocksCocktoasten time to take over the Manifold headquarters Jan 6. style. STOP THE STEAL

@dgga Did you see my DM on Discord?

If rationalussy wins, I'm quitting Manifold

@42irrationalist Sorry, had to be done

@42irrationalist My most popular open market is a tie between two rationalussy markets. I might have to add a vote for rationalussy.

@42irrationalist Rationalussy will get a traunche of votes

@42irrationalist Tbh I don't think Rationalussy is that likely to win.

I'm honored my meme even made it into the answers 😂

Vote here on the Official (*not actually official) best Manifold meme!

Vote by liking whichever of the options below you like. You can vote for any number of options that you approve of.

The poll will be open for one week until end of day Friday 9/1, Eastern time.

Learning market dynamics


When is the poll opening?

@JosephNoonan Oh wow I totally forgot to post the poll. Sorry about that! I'll do it now.

Ok, posted the poll.

By the way, I randomized the order of the candidates:

Also, just in case of weird shenanigans:

The poll is intended to resolve at end of day Friday 9/1 (11:59 ET). I will probably not be online to check at exactly that time, but people can take screenshots.

@jack Are you going to protect against any other type of shenanigans? :)

@ButtocksCocktwosten I'll say that common sense protections against ballot stuffing can be made if it seems necessary. In particular, I'll say that any votes by accounts made after the opening of the poll can be discounted if someone does the work to check the votes against account creation times.

@jack I was created before the poll opened though.

@ButtocksCocktwosten Yes? What's your point?

@jack I just want to know whether I'm allowed to vote with this account.

@ButtocksCocktwosten I'd say the intent of the poll, like any other poll, is that each person should vote on no more than one account. As long as you abide by that, you can vote on this account, sure.