Will Manifold auction off the top Market(s) you see when you log in?
Jun 1
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The current home page is an algo feed based on organic activity. Will Manifold allow the creator and/or participants in a market to partake in an auction for the top X spots on the feed ala Sponsored Search Results? It could be a daily auction for the top X spots shown in a 24 hour period; or some other mechanism. Market resolves to YES if the ability to pay for position on the feed is implemented by June 1st, 2022 when the market closes.

Sinclair Chen is betting NO at 30% 22 days ago

probably better than what we have currently, but that isn't saying much

Sinclair Chen bought M$10 of NO22 days ago

direct markets for attention (advertising) tends to curate bad content. ppl come here to read what's true, not read what other people paid them to read

Akhil Wable bought M$5 of YESa month ago

- Could create some healthy competition between markets. - Would create liquidity if bid amount is used as liquidity - Would be transparent and therefore fairer than some other methods? - It'll only account for a few of the markets towards the top - so it doesn't prevent other methods (like curation or algo) from also being used

Undox bought M$5 of NOa month ago

I don't like this. I'd prefer a curated list 'editor choice'. I think the creators have a good idea of what they like as evidenced by (a) they run a bot to copy across markets and (b) they gave free extra mana to at least one market creator whose markets they like. I think editors picks would be much better than "sponsored results". That said if you go for a scheme like this, just like buying $M doesn't affect your profit, using $M for this purpose shouldn't negate your profit for leaderboard purposes.

Adam bought M$20 of YESa month ago

I think it would improve the quality of markets people are shown because a market someone cares enough about to subsidize is more likely to be interesting in some way. Additionally, "the quality of markets shown to people" is not the only metric that should be optimized; it's good for people to be able to pay for information, and an important part of paying for information in the form of a subsidy is that people actually go and take the subsidy.

Marshall Polaris is betting NO at 42% a month ago

Why would this improve the quality of the markets that people are being shown?

Conflux bought M$10 of NOa month ago

My gut is that this is a little unfair, idk if that's actually the right way to think about it.

Daniel Reeves bought M$20 of YESa month ago

I don't know if it should be that high on the priority list -- see https://blog.beeminder.com/eggbasket/ -- but I do love the idea in principle. But also, maybe just let people subsidize markets by adding liquidity which could incidentally sort markets to the top of the home page?

Adam bought M$20 of YESa month ago

betting yes. I sort of doubt it'll stick but it's an awesome idea.

hawkebia bought M$10 of YESa month ago

Could also build in a time decay for the amount that was bid. Allowing a market to stay on top for a short/long period of time depending on competing new bids.

Austin bought M$10 of YESa month ago

Wow this is a crazy but very intriguing idea~ Could reuse the Harberger tax mechanism we figured out a while ago https://manifoldmarkets.substack.com/p/below-the-fold-manafold-markets-is?s=r