Will manifold introduce a rule or a guideline of some sort against duplication of ongoing markets?
resolved Dec 29

could be suggestions like : a user should only duplicate an ongoing market if so and so conditions hold true

Market is for 2023.

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It happened and I've done this to multiple markets. SirSalty said it was a good idea and we will continue doing it.

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Not sure if it counts for this market or not but general PSA that we are now unsubsidizing low effort duplicates of popular markets.

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Edit: Screenshot didn't show finalized rules so edited out.

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@Joshua whoah this is insanely invasive

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@Joshua discussion elsewhere

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@Ernie Oh, no don't take eliza's messages there as all being the rules now.

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@Joshua I don't think anything is being done to existing markets, just new duplicates. Guidelines are being formally updated.

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This might be considered a guideline against duplication:

@JimHays it's a display of existing questions, I do agree that it discourages creating duplicate markets. However it's very implicit, and not a rule or guideline of some sort against duplication of ongoing markets (there's a duplicate market button on each market, for example, and Levi abused it by duplicating most of the popular markets)

A merge tool would be an even better option

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Multiple markets provide choice for a trader as who they trust more to give a quick, fair and accurate resolution.

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Does SirSalty saying I'm not allowed to duplicate a bunch of markets just because I want to count?

@levifinkelstein ofc not. Its a user being warned. Definitely not a rule or guideline for manifold. I'll consider it when it's site wide, not for a specific user

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@firstuserhere what if he says nobody else is allowed to do this as well?

@levifinkelstein I'd be inclined to say that if it applies to everyone or almost everyone, it should count, but the beauty is that we can just ask @DavidChee if he means it in the spirit of the market :)

Rules come with enforcement overhead. The real question is does Manifold have the resources to enforce this, especially when the resolution criteria could make them subtlety different markets.
A guideline, is more likely, but with out enforcement, or incentives (positive or negative) I am not sure how effective it would be.